Brothers Music Named Baltimore’s Best Music Store!

This week, Brothers Music was named Best Music Store by Baltimore City Paper. Brothers Music would like to thank City Paper for recognizing us and our commitment to being Baltimore’s best and only spot to find new and used guitars, amps, synths, and more. We hope to be in the Old Goucher neighborhood for years to come, but that comes with a caveat. We aren’t pulling in the amount of customers we had hoped and are faced with difficult decisions.

We need people to shop local. The Baltimore economy is not equal. It is no secret certain areas of this city are valued over others. There are 650,000 residents in Baltimore, and some days we do less than $10. There is no way a city this large does not have a single resident that needs guitar strings or sticks on any given day. People will buy their supplies online because it’s cheaper and it’s easier. That is the sad truth we face as a brick and mortar store. I want each person who reads this to understand that Brothers Music is part of the Baltimore economy, and part of a community. When people shop here that money goes back into this store and in the hands of our employees and then back out into the Baltimore economy. Your dollars matter here. They do not matter to Amazon, or Musicians Friend, or Guitar Center (who owns Musicians Friend). If this does not change, there will be fewer and fewer independent retailers not only in Baltimore, but nationwide.

Baltimore musicians, we are here for you. But in return, you have to be there for us. Shop local.

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